Monday, October 03, 2011

MIA - Metro Espresso

Some readers may have been wondering where I went for the past six months or more. While I may have vanished into the ethereal blogosphere leaving Metro Espresso inactive, I have been quite busy.  I am getting married in a week, in August I traveled to Berlin to research, and the rest of the time I was preparing for my comprehensive examinations, which is one step to receiving my doctorate.

I have partly returned to have an outlet outside of school, but also many friends and acquaintances have requested for more articles and posts, pestering me about why the blog has not been updated.  To quell there questions and probing, I have quietly returned to Metro Espresso. While I can't dedicate time to Twitter and the other social media accouterments I used in the past, I can promise content on the blog itself, all else is filler. :-)

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