Monday, February 20, 2012


Stumbling across the internet, trawling for coffee news I found a new phenomenon called "Babyccinos." Popular in Brooklyn with hipsters and a mainstay in Australia, Babyccinos are coffee drinks for toddlers.  Eschewing parenting advice from Tiger moms and French parents with their "bebes," Barista parents, as I shall call them, want to pass on their coffee habits (though the drink itself is decaffeinated) to their children.

What are they you ask?  Simply put, they are decaf machiattos with sprinkles.  Yep.  Nothing new here except that the drink is targeted to toddlers and has a dressed-up name.

Looking at some of the videos online, apparently people are expressing outrage at this coffee drink, leading to a "slippery slope."  One Youtube comment responded,

"Why stop at coffee? Why not make baby lingerie, baby non-alcoholic beer, and baby non-nicotinie cigarettes? And any other adult item small, decadent yuppie minds can come up with to prevent kids from enjoying their childhood, and make them more like wonderful “us,” the so-called adults?"
Ouch!  To relax I would point the commenter to to listen to the relaxing sounds of thunderstorms and the gently rain wrapping on a window.  There are worse things to be given to children such as these 24 dangerous toys.

While not making said drink, here are two five years old kids making a cappuccino!  Future barista champs?  Future barista parents? Apparently, babycinnos are already passe.

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