Monday, October 03, 2011

Coffee Bean Mystery Delight

Last week I ground the last of M.E. Swings's Diplomat Blend.  Too cheap to buy good coffee, I peered inside the "coffee closet" finding an airtight Tupperware.  An odd mixture of light and dark roasted beans were in the container, most likely aged Dunkin' Donuts and Archer Farms coffee.  Yes, the great recession has hit the coffee budget hard.  Gone is Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, and Third Wave coffee.  Enter First Wave.

I poured the beans into the coffee grinder, set it to a coarse grind for a French Press, and boiled water.  Pouring it into the press produced miniscule bloom, a nanometer thick to be exact.  The coffee looked anemic, little life, no luster.   Yet after serving myself, signs pointed towards to a good cup; a nice chocalety film hugged the edges and after first sip, my eyes expanded to the warm, velvety, and bittersweet taste.  After 5 minutes, I voraciously consumed my beverage.

The coffee cup was used and abused. 

I have a half hopper of this mystery coffee left.   This is why I should start a coffee journal; to keep notes and remember which coffee I have bought and when, but then the mystery would be gone...