Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DC is 6th Most Caffeinated City in the USA

Another D.C. superlative: America’s 6th most caffeinated city - The Buzz - The Washington Post

According to the Washington Post, the political center of our country runs on caffeine, specifically we are the 6th most dependent.  Congratulations us!  This means we are facing an unavoidable crash in the future.  Now, when we see another political gridlock or a threatening of government shutdown, we are assured that either politicians have not had their coffee or are crashing from their caffeine high.  We should continue to watch CSPAN to ensure our elected officials and lobbyists enjoy coffee responsibly without abuse.

DC is behind Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in caffeination, yet it is unclear whether the study means per capita or total consumption.  We can take solace that DC's population is 600,000 people whereas New York City has 8,000,000.  I will have a second cup of coffee to ensure that we get one step closer to overtaking Gotham City.  

Skip to 40 second mark for coffee addiction...

The Yankees lost, yay....


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