Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pour Over Method and the Popping of my Coffee Ballon, aka Ego

Buying my pour over a few days ago, I felt empowered!  Not only would I brew excellent drip coffee, but since I have a coffee blog it would logically follow that I would make an excellent cup the first time.  No skill or knowledge need apply.  How wrong I was!  This is not to say that it turned out badly, but my first cup, despite the wonderful aroma of Counter Culture's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, was watery.  Bruising my coffee ego further, the Fiance chimed in agreeing with this assertation.  How could this be?  It was as if someone broke into my apartment, seized my coffee ego in the form of a balloon, and popped it with extreme prejudice.

Let me start from the beginning.  A few days prior, I visited Northside Social and bought the pictured pour over and coffee.  When I go to Bourbon coffee in Foggy Bottom, I order the pour over because you can pick the kind of beans you want and it is always fresh.  My enjoyment of pour over coffee prompted me to buy said contraption for home use to save money.  Spending a few hours reading reviews of Hario V60, Melitta, and the Chemex and the different paper filters, I concluded that I was going to buy the Hario.  The accompanying Hario kettle was out of my price range, but I have a green tea pot that is something quite similar.

Arriving at Northside Social to buy my pour over, I found they didn't sell the Hario!  I was crushed.  Me being the impatient one, I reconciled my feelings and bought the Counter Culture version.  Walked the 2 miles to my apartment and eagerly started prepping for the ensuing coffee gloriousness.  I ground my coffee (too coarsely I soon found out), heated the water, whetted the filter, and brewed.  I followed the directions most baristas give.  Wet the grounds for 30 seconds, then pour slowly spiraling out, and always keeping the "bloom" alive.  2 minutes later, my 12oz cup was full.  Not the four minutes of steep time I hoped for.

As already mentioned, the results were decent.  The coffee itself was good, roasted on Feb. 11 and Counter Culture coffee isn't to be scoffed at.  What can I change to improve the end result?  Is it simply that I ground it too coarsely?  I want to get my coffee balloon back!  Thanks, I needed this stream of consciousness/semi-humorous post.  

What is a pour over you ask? Look at this video.

Today, I ground the coffee finer, and nuances of the jasmine and honey tasted muted.  Is that because the coffee is now being overextracted?  Perhaps, I will have to video myself and have you guys comment on it :-).

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