Saturday, February 12, 2011

Metro Espresso Coffee Newsletter: Writers Wanted (Yes, that means you!)

(This is a printing press, though it does resemble a medieval torture apparatus.)
In seeking new ways to expand Metro Espresso, I will be creating a physical and digital coffee newsletter that will, hopefully, be distributed to select cafes in the DC-area.  It will be published once a month.  If you would like to write an article about DC coffee culture (highly encouraged) or general coffee topics (still encouraged), please contact me via email ( or Twitter. 

It should be roughly 250 words in length or less.  Examples of an article could be a tidbit on the ongoing regional Barista championships or a review of a new coffee brewing device.  Can you submit coffee-related poetry and prose?  Yes!  If I receive a flood submissions, the one's that do not make it into the print edition will be featured on the blog as featured posts.  I am quite excited about this, and hope you can be a part of this project.  If you have friends who are possibly interested, tell them!

Are you a cafe who would like to receive the inaugural Metro Espresso Coffee Newsletter for your patrons?  Please contact me and I can set you up with a digital copy.


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