Sunday, September 05, 2010

Return! New Posting schedule, Costa Rican Brewer, and Intelligentsia Video.

Hello all, I have recently begun my second year in graduate school, and took a period to re-acclimatize myself to that what is graduate school. While I cannot be as active as I was in the Summer, I plan on posting once or twice a week on my travels through coffee land as per usual. This way I can still provide content to Metro Espresso readers, but will not feel overly taxed on posts accompanying my academic work schedule.

With that said, I saw this interesting photograph of a Costa Rican Chorreador. The white sack or sock is used as a filter holding the ground coffee. Hot water is poured into the sack, and drips through into the cup below. While I am sure not all Chorreadors look this nice, I do appreciate the nice wood finish. I can only imagine the clean up afterwards.

With that said, cue the immature innuendos.

Also, check out this fancy video featuring an Intelligentsia barista speaking about Espresso. Nice artistic look, but somehow pretentious to my taste.


  1. I imagine you'd just throw the sock in the laundry and hope your mother doesn't find it.

  2. I like the idea. Now I can throw the sock into Sarah's laundry and see if she find it. If she does, laughter for me. If she doesn't, a win for me.

    I can also sing the word Chorreador to the tune of Toreador from "Carmen."

  3. grins! as soon as i saw chorreador, i thought Toreador...