Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Old Friend: Missing Coffee and Coffee Fatigue

Sitting in front of my monitor, I quietly type away sipping my afternoon coffee.  Generally this is not a new experience, except I haven't imbibed coffee since yesterday morning.

What!?  You have not had  coffee since when? Yes, I was suffering from coffee fatigue.  Coffee fatigue, according to me, is when a coffee lover is over caffeinated, gets no pleasure from drinking coffee, and suffers from a coffee "grimyness" all over. (Any other possible symptoms? Drop a comment below)

I went into a self-imposed coffee detox for ~30 hours. Partly due to my busy schedule, partly to the aforementioned coffee fatigue.  I agree, sometimes I do not have time to make coffee, or I need to rush out the door to make my class or finish the last few pages of reading.  Some days aren't conducive to brewing coffee.  Additionally, I have pressed myself not to buy coffee unless I am reviewing the cafe or serves some purpose to writing a blog post.  This policy, albeit austere, pushes me to brew at my coffee bar in the apartment.  Not ten minutes ago (as of 4:12 PM on Friday), I had my first taste of coffee since 6AM yesterday.

What is so significant of this coffee development?  Being away from any cherished thing or person, makes you appreciate it that much more.  With coffee out of my system for more than 24 hours, drinking a cup of coffee sends a caffeinated jolt through my body.  Similar to drug addict without their fix (An image not without basis, caffeine is a drug you know!), going through a self imposed or contingent detox for coffee, when you indulge in coffee again, you appreciate the flavors, the brewing ritual, and your favorite cup all the more.

What about you?  Have you ever though that improving the taste of the coffee could simply mean having longer intervals between cups?  Ever suffer from "coffee fatigue?"  Comment below!         


  1. I just went three weeks without coffee, and today after my first cup back I've literally felt like I've been on drugs all day! My face is flushed, my heart has been racing... Here's why I went so long without: I'm deployed to Afghanistan and just went home for my mid-tour leave. Traveling home, I wanted to be able to sleep whenever I was on the plane, and with all the time zone changes I did not want to be wired at the wrong time. Then we had a baby girl, and again, I wanted to be able to sleep when she slept, and not get on any schedule, hence the coffee drought.

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