Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year's Coffee Resolutions

Happy Belated New Year!

Having a moments peace from my travels this holiday season, I wanted to make a few resolutions to improve Metro Espresso for the coming year. Beginning in late June, I started ME as a hobby at the request of my Fiance, then girlfriend, to do something beyond graduate work in History.  Despite bouts of inactivity at certain times of the semester, I have continued to work on quality content, developing the blog's design, and engage with the coffee blog community.  In thinking about the coming year, I have three lists, one short term, one long term, and one about my own coffee habits.

Short Term:
1.  Make one quality post a week.  Quality posts meaning coffee house reviews, interviews, or  guides/tutorials.
2.  Swap out the "Featured Video" once a week.
3.  Read one coffee blog a day.  By doing so, my posts will be in conversation with other like minded people.  While I read other coffee blogs, doing it regularly will help in quality of posts.
4.  Create a ME logo to use to represent my blog on Twitter profile and in other capacities.

Long Term:
1.  Develop Metro Espresso to be more aesthetically pleasing and functional.  While I have the general lay out, adding smaller touches such as choosing the best font, the color of section titles...etc. Additionally, adding more interactive sections such as messaging on the main page.  I have done this before, but I didn't particularly like how it was laid out and executed. 
2.  Categorize posts and make the blog more easily navigable to find older content.
3.  Guest posts by people in the coffee blogosphere.
4.  Engage in DC coffee culture.

My Own Coffee Resolutions:
1.  Only drink two cups of coffee a day.  *Gasp* I know...One must account for blood pressure!
2.  Stop hounding my Fiance when she puts cream and sugar into her coffee (I'll break that one quickly)
3.  To clean my espresso machine more often.
4.  To start a coffee notebook that will record each coffee I have.

If you have other ideas you would like to see me any of the three lists, please comment below.

I will be MIA till Monday as I am attending a wedding this weekend.  Expect some new content about roasting or, hopefully, a coffee house review.


  1. I look forward to reading more ME during 2011.

    I totally understand about #2 on your own coffee resolutions list. My girlfriend adds cream to almost every cup of coffee. In a fun, loving way, I've been forbidden to say anything about it.

  2. Haha, that's great to hear! Funny how one's coffee obsession can rub off on people pushing them to set up boundaries about what you can critique and what you cannot. Though if we persist long enough, who knows?