Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee Blog Post Spotlight: Rainforest Alliance Certification and Maxwell House

File:CoffeeCatucai.jpgThe blog "Coffee and Conservation" spotlighted the misleading use of the Rainforest Alliance seal by Maxwell House.  While technically allowed to use this certification, "Maxwell House premium roast frozen liquid coffee concentrate blends" only uses 30% of beans harvested in a sustainable manner.  The rest of the coffee in the package...not so much.  Yet, the issue is not Maxwell House, but in the standards of the Rainforest Alliance.  To achieve this certification the coffee needs only the aforementioned 30% of beans collected sustainably.  

While I am not an expert on the coffee certifications, promoting awareness of each one and what it entails is important when buying coffee at the supermarket.  Please look at Coffee and Conservation's Guide to Coffee Certifications.  It will not only be educational, but you can inform others on the logos you see at the grocery store.

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