Friday, January 21, 2011

Metro Espresso "Business Card" Design

During the week, I designed a "business card" for the Metro Espresso blog.  Something simple, something to the point, something easy to print.  I like it for conveying the most important information, the url and that ME is a coffee blog targeted towards DC.  Additionally, it has the DC flag design on the cup.

Question:  How would you improve upon this design?  Would you add color? Email?  Twitter user Cagrimmet recommended adding the saucer and rounding the cup.  I added the saucer, but I need some more work with rounding the cup.  My GIMP skills are the equivalent of a toddler. 

Also, feel free to design a Metro Espresso business card yourself if you have the free time!  I would love to see user creations. 

Visit tomorrow for a review of Ebeneezer's coffee house near Union Station!


  1. I guess one thing I would think about is: what is your long-term goal for the blog? Presumably you probably won't live in DC after you finish your degree (or will you?). Will the blog's raison d'etre then no longer be applicable? Or might you try to make it less DC-specific? Or create a new blog? Etc.


  2. I might also suggest incorporating elements of Maryland and Virginia flag design, but of course given the nature of the Virginia flag that is virtually impossible. I'm no good at this kind of design myself, btw. It's aesthetically pleasing as it is.


  3. That is, unless you don't discuss coffee places in Maryland or Virginia, in which case that would be irrelevant. Sorry for all the comments!

  4. Not a problem Matt! I love all comments.

    First, after graduating or leaving DC the blog will move to a different metro area, but a metro area nevertheless. So it will remain the same name, but a different urbanscape to explore.

    Second, concerning the design a helpful Metro Espresso reader is doing a mock-up photo shoot! I am really excited to see it when it's finished and turn it into a nice design for BC.

    Third, I do go to coffee shops in VA, less so Maryland because it would take a long time to Metro up there. If though there is a good roaster/cafe, I might make the trip.

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