Wednesday, January 19, 2011

M.E. Swings and City Life

I love to stare out windows.  Watching businessmen walk by screaming into their blackberries, fashionistas complimenting each other on their purchases, or catching fleeting views of police cars whizzing by, I savor any respite from my academic studies.  

Today, I enjoyed such a time at M.E. Swings Coffee (Swings for short) located at 1702 G Street Northwest, only a block or so away from the White House and Farragut West Metro Station.  Often the line snakes back and forth within the store, serving government workers, students, and all others who need their coffee in downtown DC.  Don't worry the line goes quickly enough.  M.E. Swings roasts their own coffee in Alexandria and sells it to local businesses, such as Toby's Ice Cream in East Falls Church.   Many people rush into Swings, grab their coffee, rush out to their high stress jobs.  Me?  Not so much.  I work in academia.  I scoff at businessmen and bankers from the IMF and the World Bank (located a stones throw away).  I sit and relax.

Swings serves excellent coffee.  The lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and espresso are flavorful and demonstrate an eye towards careful preparation.  They rotate out different single-origin coffees for drip.  Today, I ordered a mellow and smooth Rwandan coffee that I nursed slowly.  Situating myself at the bar seating in front of the window, I witnessed a police motorcade speed by lights flashing and horns buzzing.  I wondered whether this was the Chinese president going to his State dinner at the White House.  Probably not.

Swings is part of downtown DC, and I suggest everyone get a small coffee and relax by the window.  Everyone should have some time to themselves. 

Thank You to Tvol for the Pictures!

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