Friday, October 08, 2010

New Feature: Metro Area Coffee Map

View Metro Espresso's guide to DC area coffee in a larger map
(For a reason unknown to me, the map isn't centering on DC itself. You can easily scroll the map to Washington for your viewing pleasure.)

In my spare time, I made a map with good coffee houses I have visited in DC. Over time, I will update the map to reflect new places I have visited and thought worth people's time, effort, and money. I will place this map on the blog's right hand column so Metro Espresso readers can always refer to the map outside of this post. If you have suggestions for places that I should go to, use the shout out box, tweet me, or use the Metro Espresso Facebook fan page.

Coffee Houses listed are in no particular order:

DC: M.E Swings, Bourbon Coffee, Chinatown Coffee Company, Dolcezza Gelato, and Peregrine.

VA: Java Shack, Rappahannock Roasters, Beanetics (pan the map left, it is in Annandale, VA


  1. Try Mid City Caffe, Tryst, Qualia and Quartermaine.

  2. Thank you for the recommendations, I have heard of Tryst and seen Quartermaine's coffee at Whole Foods. Mid City Caffe and Qualia are new to me, I will be sure to check them out!