Friday, October 08, 2010

Coffee House Spotlight: Bourbon Coffee

Located in Foggy Bottom at 2101 L Street NW, Bourbon Coffee serves roughly 6 regional Rwandan coffees to sleep deprived, caffeine dependent Washingtonians. A local coffee house among the swarm of Starbucks', Bourbon coffee serves excellent, stand out coffee bursting with flavor accompanied by snappy, friendly service. (Photo Credit: Prince of Petworth Blog)

While not a review of Bourbon coffee, I wanted to tell my metro area readers about this wonderful retreat from the DC bustle.

The coffee house is designed with many African and Rwandan elements to accompany the quality coffee they serve. Please visit their website to see photos of the interior, but a pleasant number of seats, tables and couches are available to customers.

I wanted to discuss my impressions of their coffee. Having visited M.E. Swings, Chinatown Coffee Company, and Peregrine, I found that Bourbon's drip coffee and espresso to be superior. Often drip coffee can be watery, lacking in flavor, and generate an overall feeling of "meh," yet theirs surprised me with a bold complexity akin to coffees from Kenya. At least, the coffee in the drip machine reminded me of that. Other Rwandan coffees can be mellower in taste. I recommended their drip to one of my colleagues, and his face lit up when sipping it.

Everyone prefers their espresso a bit differently, but I enjoy a bit more body and 2oz for a double espresso. Other coffee shops in DC often have a flavorful crema, but the body is lacking making a flat tasting espresso. In addition, a pet peeve of mine is when the espresso cup isn't heated making the espresso cool when coming into contact with the cup. Bourbon coffee's espresso was in a very warm cup, and had a pleasant tiger striped crema accompanied by a rich body.

If you live in the DC metro area, please stop by and try out their coffee. You won't be disappointed (At least I don't think you will be).

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  1. We're on our way there today! Thanks for the info.

  2. Not a problem Danielle, hope its a great experience. Ask for the pour over coffee, aka "by the cup" It is freshly brewed, a bit more expensive but you truly tasted the quality of beans they use.