Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back From Vacation/Visit to Cactus Creek Roasters

Hi all, I apologize for the short interlude in posts. I had gone on vacation to visit some family for the last time in the summer. Now it is time to prepare for Graduate school: Year Two.

When I down in North Carolina, I visited Cactus Creek Coffee, a local roaster with the motto "Grown Globally, Roasted Locally." Catchy! I should have thought of that. You know it was going to be a great coffee place because it had the roast first, cafe second look. You know, the concrete floors, the roaster in the background, the sacks of green coffee, with a few tables placed around.

I talked to the barista/roaster running the store, and struck up a conversation on espresso because I was/am looking for classic espresso glasses. Unfortunately they did not sell them, but he offered an espresso shot right away when I mentioned I loved espresso. I surmise that many people in that area of the country may not like straight espresso.

They offered a wide array of single source and blended coffees with a noticeable section of specialty decaf coffee, which is nice for the, well, geriatric crowd in the Pinehurst area. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. They know their stuff. Best part about it, was when I left the store the guy shook my hand and said it was a pleasure to talk coffee with someone who knew their stuff. *toots his own horn*

Oh yeah, they offer their coffee at around 9.35 lb, not bad! Better than the prices here in DC.
Check back in a few days, I will be reviewing the coffee from the 35 North Coffee Company I received a few weeks ago.

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