Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peeping Tom in DC Starbucks

According to the Mail Online, one of the numerous Starbucks (7th street and Pennsylvania) has a peeping tom.  Apparently, the perpetrator has not been identified and hasn't been narrowed down to either an perverted employee or a perverted caffeinated patron.   The indecent occurred in September.  

Oddly, the article on the Mail Online's website shows a picture of a video camera stating  "The camera that a five-year-old girl found in a D.C. Starbucks was smaller than this video camera, and fashioned to a sink pipe."  AKA, we have no idea what the camera looked like, but it was probably smaller than this outdated camcorder from 5 years ago.  Also the Mail used a horrendous pun, "Not So Grande: A Girl in D.C. found a hidden camera in the toilet."

Here is an excerpt from the article, "William Yockey and his family were visiting the capital in late August from their home in Norfolk, Virginia. His daughter discovered a video camera hidden underneath the sink that was pointed towards the toilet. Yockey determined that the camera was on and recording, then notified the police.

The camera was taken by police for further investigation, and no suspects have been named. Because so little is known about the camera- including who put it there and when- this lawsuit could theoretically be opened up to include anyone else who used the restroom at that Starbucks. 

'We continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement on this matter; however, because there is pending litigation, we cannot comment on the specifics of this case,' Hilowitz continued. 'However, we can tell you that as a part of regular store operations, we monitor the seating areas and rest rooms in our stores on a regular basis to identify potential safety or security concerns.'"

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