Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning Coffee/Morning Reading

Coffee and reading, one of the finer things in life, is a weekend tradition at the Metro Espresso apartment-hold.  Slowly waking up to the morning news or learning what is happening to poor Tom who you left in a rushing river the night before as you closed your novel, is a small thing in life worth to stop an appreciate.  Often I read the Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor for my international and domestic news.  If not, I read my current novel on the Kindle.  If I feel adventurous I pick up History and Class Consciousness by Georg Lukacs.  The Cat in the Hat? To console me after reading History and Class Consciousness

My question is, "What do you read when drinking coffee in the morning?"  That's assuming you read while drinking coffee.  I think this is a safe assumption since you are reading this blog.  I am curious to know what books, newspapers, poetry people are reading.


  1. On week days, I wish I had time to read. Usually, I'm just grabbing my coffee right before I run out the door.

    On the weekends, I'm usually reading a book or checking email, etc.

  2. I actually usually drink tea... (gasp! heretic!), but I am hoping to read Meditations on First Philosophy apart from my dissertation stuff. We'll see.


  3. I read way too many blogs to list. Right now when I'm on my Nook I'm working through Mark Twain's authorized Autobiography, all 1000 pages of it! I love e-readers and coffee though. With a touch screen you don't have to put down your cup to turn the page!

  4. You have the fancy Nook color! I received the Kindle 3 for Xmas, I love the E-ink screen. Must be a joy to read Twain's autobiography, though a tad long!