Monday, January 31, 2011

Archer Farms: Peru San Ignacio Review

Coffee lovers, if there was one piece of advice I could give, it would be, "Don't buy hype."  Fancy hipster designs, 15-20 dollars for 12oz of coffee, or special certifications do not make good coffee.  Often peripheral points such advertising, price point, and organic designations can influence our judgments, i.e. "I payed 20 dollars for X coffee, it must good."  

Certainly, Archer Farms "Peru San Ignacio" coffee presents itself being a select roast.  It is packaged in a tin can, points out the coffee is directly traded from the farmer to Archer Farms (skipping over the middle man), and has a little card explaining where the coffee is sourced and what you should taste.  Cool!  Yet, the price point is key: 8 dollars.  While, the presentation is rather good, the taste backs up the marketing around it.  Most importantly, the coffee is dripping with flavor.

As an espresso, the instant the liquid gingerly washed over my tongue, it began tingling.  Pear notes and the medium body mixed together creating a pleasant coffee bath for my tongue (there's probably a better way to state this, but I like the image).  At the end, I detected some bittersweet chocolate flavors. The banana taste eluded me.  What surprised me was the tingly sensation and I considered it the standout part of the espresso!

The French Press mellowed the tingly acidity, and brought out the bitter chocolaty flavors (in a good way), producing a unique, well rounded cup of coffee.  Though, I am partial to the espresso manifestation of it.    

The blog Coffee Adventures reviewed this coffee, and came to a similar conclusion.  Archer Farms Peru San Ignacio impressed me with its nuanced and delicate flavors, all at an affordable price.  Available at Targets, I highly recommend it as a "go-to" coffee when you need to pick something up. You will not be disappointed, if you keep in mind the price you are paying for it. 


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