Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grinding the Coffee: A Different Posting Format

Hi Metro Espresso readers, I wanted to spice up the format a little bit. Some posts will be in a short stream of consciousness structure. Why? A. It changes the paragraph, essay format that isn't necessarily conducive to blog readers who want short tid-bit sized reading. L. I can write more posts providing more content.

B. Because I want to.

C. One of the searches on google for my blog was "Can I drink coffee in Metro?"

The answer is no, if you do, you will be mercilessly made fun of by wtfmetro or unsuckdcmetro. Enshrined forever by stealth photos taken by DC'ites framing you as a tourist who obliviously hogs metal poles or gorges themselves with fatty Doritos spreading cheese over the dusty, musty carpet that metro riders love.

S. You will inevitably spill.

D. Coffee, Espresso my espresso turned out wonderful today.

E. It tasted brighter than my dark roast. Naturally.

F. Freedom, freedom to try out different roasts, beans, and cups to create a wonderful coffee

M. Milk- We have skim milk at the house, I should try whole for lattes, I think I would get the
whole effect.

S. Snobbery: No one should be a coffee snob, but coffee lovers. Not in a carnal sense, but as an epicurean one. Spread the good news. (Not that news, but caffeinated goodness)

The end.

Update: This section will now be called "Stream of Coffee'ness" Trademark *stamp*

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