Friday, September 17, 2010

New Content: Featured Video

As one may have noticed, I have been updating the site for a week or so. Instead of doing an overhaul of the complete template, I decided to evolve it adding the "featured video section," and hopefully a few other interactive widgets over this weekend.

The featured video will be updated once or twice a week spotlighting different aspects of coffee culture. One week I may emphasize how to make espresso, the next week on coffee growing. By embedding the video on the sidebar, it enables Metro Espresso readers to see the video first rather than scrolling down through more recent posts. A drawback is that once I switch out the video, it is gone. To remedy this issue, I will create a running list of coffee links that will archive the video and my short commentary.

Additionally, I hope to add a "shout out" box similar to the comments section on each post. If Blogger can do this without too much effort, readers can ask questions, leave comments, and give readers an avenue to shape the blog as much as I do.

With this newer design, I hope to divide the blog into two sections. First, on the left side will be the normal coffee posts as before. Second, on the right will be the featured video, shout out box *hopefully*, Twitter feed, and who knows! The content on the right will be focused on social communication between I, the coffee lover and blogger, and you, the coffee lover.

That's all for know, enjoy the Charlie Chaplin video!

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