Thursday, August 05, 2010

Coffee Experiment: Does Espresso Taste Better With or Without Crema? (Part 2 of 2)

Metro Espresso has reached a new milestone: the first video! While not nearly as good as (which you should check out by the way if you have not), making the video was fun. I did it all in one go, so if I seem to be wandering a little bit, it is because I was pondering, searching for words. Enjoy the video! If you have any constructive critiques to make future videos better, please comment below.

Does Espresso taste better with or without crema? from Jack on Vimeo.

Findings for those who can not watch the video:
1. Espresso with crema: Fuller mouthfeel/body, oily, heavier similar to French press.
2. Espresso without crema: lighter mouthfeel, but the flavors seemed brighter similar to a drip machine or pour over.

The Coffee Queen @ tried out the experiment. She found the espresso tasted more bitter without the crema. Different results! Though I don't know if I could doing this over again, too much espresso right now.

And yes, you see a USPS box on the kitchen table among other things. This is what happens when the Girlfriend is away. Things tend to leave their "proper places."

(I would like to give credit to for giving me the idea to do this, and some of the vocab to describe what I was tasting.)


  1. Thanks for doing the test. Next time I have an espresso, I'm going to have to try that.

  2. Thanks Mike, I am curious to see what other results people get. Admittedly, my espresso machine is lower end, so to see a range of espresso makers do this seems profitable.

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