Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee Trip: NYC

While visiting NYC for a weekend, my friend and I found ourselves at the Stumptown annex cafe on W 29th between 5th and 6th avenue. Located on the premises of a hotel, it occupies a small space providing standing room only to drink your coffee beverages. One can go into the hotel lobby I suppose, but that's weird. It was standing room only for my friend and I! I was suffering from coffee withdrawals because my friend does not drink coffee, which meant that he does not own a coffee machine of any sort in his apartment. (Lamesauce on him) When we finally arrived, I was shaking from withdrawals. Well not really, but I was looking forward to some coffee.

I ordered an espresso for there and a small latte to go. Here is the picture below,
The espresso tasted nice, but I am finding that many of the top espresso cafes serve about 1 oz rather than 2oz's worth, especially when I ask for a double. It seemed a bit too fleeting even for espresso. Has anyone noticed this or is this relatively standard? The barista made a great rosseta and the milk was steamed to perfection for my latte.

The espresso was 2.50 while expensive, not nearly as wallet breaking as an espresso I had yesterday in DC at 2.75! That is ridiculous, but that is another post. The cafe had the classic Stumptown look with the simple menu and old fashioned garb. The service was pleasant and quick, but nothing out of the ordinary. Here is an action shot my friend took of me:
Here is the chance to offer up some critiques on my espresso drinking routine! Am I making any faux pas? :-)

Overall: A fun place to go, but not one that I would go back to regularly.

Besides going to Stumptown, I rambled through Central Park, though not quite good as St. Louis's Forest Park, visited the impressive MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and unfortunately went through the disappointing Smithsonian's exhibits of the American Indian near Battery Park. A fun trip overall.

Come back soon (~this weekend), I will be reviewing a local coffee roaster/cafe located in Alexandria.


  1. I've found that a lot of cafe's use the default settings for espresso shot volume. I like to program my machines for 1.5oz Single Short, 2oz Single Long, 3oz Double Short and 4oz Double Long shots.

    When I'm drinking straight espresso I like to get long shots because it cuts down on the bitterness and it's easier to taste the flavor characteristics of the espresso. If I'm getting a latte or any other mixed drink, I usually get double short shots because it seems to balance better with the milk.

  2. Interesting, I didn't know that. Now I will explain that to them, and see if I can persuade them to change their espresso volume.

  3. I love Stumptown @ the Ace Hotel. I'm surprised you didn't see loads of people in the lobby drinking as that's where most people go to enjoy the Hair Bender :)

  4. It was quite hot when I was up in NYC, perhaps that contributed to the moderate amount of people. Good to know though for next time!