Thursday, June 17, 2010

The French Press is Dead, Long Live the French Press

Yesterday, I desperately needed coffee. Grabbing my French Press, I pulled the plunger out finding the plastic holding the metal nylon in place broke! I am not quite sure how either, but I shall keep my suspicions to myself. Initially, I thought I could glue it back together, but thinking the glue would be coming in contact with the coffee I decided against it.

Wanting a Bodum French press, I walked to the local Starbucks (*gasp*), which sells Bodum products. Despite Starbucks's polarizing nature, Bodum makes quality products. I bought it for 20 dollars, and returned home ready to put it through its paces. After heating the water, grinding, steeping, plunging, and pouring. The coffee's flavor tasted smooth with no acidity. Mind you, this was the same Ethiopian coffee I had in the moka pot in an earlier post. So now I have to blame user error on the bitterness. Sorry Archer Farms! Here are some pictures I took of the press and coffee bloom after pouring and stirring the hot water with the coffee grinds. Regarding taste, the Bodum rather than the Bonjour (the French press that broke) was clear. The Bodum has a glass carafe and a better constructed metal filter. If you are in the market for a French press, I highly recommend Bodum, even if you have to buy it at a Starbucks.

[Disclaimer: I am actually not a paid representative of Bodum, despite my favorable reviews about their espresso cups and French Presses. :-)]


  1. I used to own a plastic french press. It wasn't until 3 or so of them broke in under 6 months that I moved to a stainless steel one.

    It's amazing how much better the coffee tasted in the stainless steel french press versus the plastic one.

    Great blog by the way.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jamie! I agree with you with the fragility of the plastic French press. To me it seems the plastic also traps the oils making more acidic and sourer coffee overtime. The glass on the other hand cleans easier, getting rid of those oils.